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 It’s important to acknowledge and celebrate the big events in our lives. We celebrate important milestones in life, such as marriages, funerals, baptisms, and the birth of a child. These are particular ‘rites of passage’ and deserve special attention.

But there are other just as significant important occasions that tend to get overlooked – such as the transition of a woman from maiden to mother. In days gone by, this event was greeted with great celebration, and I think there’s value in restoring some of the reverence associated with this important milestone.

As a doula, and drawing on my facilitation background I can help you arrange and facilitate Blessing Ways and Baby Showers. These events are opportunities to ‘fill a woman’s cup’ – to esteem, honour and support her to help her transition through pregnancy and birth and adjusts to becoming a mother.

Similarly, I can help with arranging and/or facilitating Naming Days to formally welcome and introduce children to their community – their extended family and friends.


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