Blessing Ways and Baby Showers

A baby shower or blessing way provides an opportunity for a pregnant woman to join with her close women friends and family to mark and celebrate her transition into motherhood. Unlike a Baby Shower, which tends to be focused on the imminent arrival of the baby, a Blessing Way is a sacred gathering centered upon the pregnant woman, giving her focused, nourishing attention and support.

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Blessing Ways often include a sharing circle where participants bring small gifts and heart-felt wishes for the mum-to-be, and participate in creative and nurturing activities. It is a space where the mum-to-be can share her hopes, fears and dreams and feel supported and motivated to go on into her birthing time. Obviously, there’s an opportunity to combine the two approaches – it’s all about the mum!

Further information about Blessing Ways, their Navajo (native American) origins, and some tips, ideas and activities you might to include in a Blessing Way can be found here.

If, after all this information, it still feels a bit too daunting to hold your own Blessing Way, and you live in the Canberra or south coast regions, please contact me on 0407 729 637 for details about my Blessing Way services.

Cost: $180 includes help with organization and facilitation, and includes the Baby Welcoming activity.

Baby Welcoming Kit

Baby Welcoming Kit

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