We cannot succeed as parents unless the structures we live in support our goals. Our society has unintentionally but undeniably become toxic to families – so we must change it. Steve Biddulph  

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Hello! My name is Tanya Dannock and welcome to Wholly Doula!

Wholly Doula is as much a philosophy as it is a business name. It’s been born out my belief that there’s a whole lot more we can do together as a society to support women and their families as they journey through pregnancy to becoming new parents.

My vision for Wholly Doula is simple – to celebrate and highlight the importance of a woman’s rite of passage from pregnancy to motherhood and to ensure she is nurtured, esteemed and well supported through this special period. Wholly Doula offers broad ranging and holistic support for pregnant women and ‘new born’ mothers and their partners. (I also like how Wholly Doula sounds like a (polite!) exclamation – one you might make as you’re adjusting to becoming new parent! )

In June 2014, I graduated from The Birth Yurt as a professional doula (birth companion). I trained at The Birth Yurt and I give credit to Rachel Vines for the inspirational training and insights I gained into the miracles of pregnancy and childbirth and the wonder of the human ‘bodymind’. I now have a much clearer understanding of the value and importance of ensuring a woman is empowered, well supported and nurtured through the birthing phase. 

My initial desire to become a doula was intricately entwined with a passion for helping empower and equip parents so they can give their children the best possible start in life. As the mother of two wonderful adult children (Jackson, 24 and Emily, 23), I am a firm believer in the need for parents to have access to practical and nurturing support. In days gone by, family members or other members of  ‘the village’ rallied round.  But this type of support is no longer feasible for many people now, so we need to have alternative support mechanisms in place. 

In addition to offering pregnancy and post birth Doula Support Services, Wholly Doula offers unique pregnancy gifts such as our beautiful Baby Welcoming Kit. Our gifts are specifically designed to nurture and esteem women, particularly those that value togetherness and authentic gift giving. 

I can also help you to arrange and facilitate celebrations such as Blessing Ways and Naming Days.

Wholly Doula also incorporates The Blessing Circle, originally founded by Amanda Patterson

I’ve been passionate about supporting parents since becoming a mother myself, and in 1994 helped set up ACT Choice for Families – a grassroots community advocacy group.  I’ve spent many years working on numerous Commonwealth government policies and programs including childcare, family relationships, parenting, support for youth and welfare reform. (I’m mindful that Wholly Doula may sound a bit ‘woo woo’ to some of my former Canberra colleagues, but I’ll take that risk!)

I’d love to hear your views and ideas! You’re also welcome to contact me directly via email: Tanya@whollydoula.com.au

Wishing you a joyous parenting journey!



Baby Welcoming Kit

Baby Welcoming Kit

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